Disk shredding

Data media destruction

Destruction of data media is a critical component of ensuring corporate security. If your disks fall into unauthorized hands, you risk significant financial and legal losses.

Do you want to address legal issues related to GDPR and safeguard your financial security? Our professional four-shaft shredders RS40 and RS30 will do it for you! These reliable machines are supplied by renowned companies UNTHA and DEPEI, ensuring compliance with the highest security standards (P4, E5/E6, O5, T5, H5).

Our shredders feature four shafts that effectively and precisely process materials for shredding. Through primary and secondary cutting processes, materials are gradually reduced to a size specified by the screen.

Irreversible destruction process

W SDR-IT we constantly follow the latest trends and standards. Our UNTHA devices are designed to ensure that data destruction is a completely irreversible process. We also utilize machines from DEPEI, which offer E5 and E6 levels of destruction. The difference between H5 (HDDs) and E5 (SSDs) is illustrated in the image below:

We can perform the disk destruction process either at your company premises or at our headquarters. Choose the option that is most convenient for you! Regardless of the location, we guarantee the highest level of security. We carefully monitor the entire logistics process to ensure that your data is in safe hands.

As our client, you also gain access to an online image, allowing you to track the progress of the process in real-time.

Introducing the Mobile Destruction Center

We don’t want data security to keep you up at night. That’s why we offer the Mobile Destruction Center (MCN). It’s a unique device that eliminates the need to transport media outside your company premises!

With the MCN, we can destroy HDDs, SSDs, and LTO tapes at any location you specify. This autonomous unit can be quickly transported to your Data Center or wherever you need it.

At the heart of the MCN is a specially designed UNTHA shredder. It is equipped with specialized screens that prevent larger elements from passing through the four-shaft cutting knives. Media is destroyed until it meets P4, E5, O5, T5, H5 security standards.

See how the destruction process looks like