Secure transportation

Cars meeting standards

Our security measures include:

  • GPS System: Each vehicle in our fleet is equipped with an advanced GPS system, enabling continuous monitoring of location and transportation routes in real-time.
  • Video Surveillance: Cameras placed at key points in each vehicle provide full insight into the transportation process.
  • Physical Security: Each transport is securely sealed using special seals and innovative anti-tampering technologies, ensuring the integrity of transported data.
  • Monitoring and Alarm Systems: Our vehicles are equipped with monitoring systems that react instantly to any anomalies, ensuring swift intervention.”

    Why choose our services


    Our drivers have undergone appropriate training, and their current location is monitored 24 hours a day


    We will transport everything for you – from computers and servers to valuable data storage.

    Preparedness for emergencies

    We have developed detailed procedures for various scenarios, such as road accidents, theft, or technical failures.


    You can rely on us – we guarantee timely delivery of transportation.

    Planned route

    Preliminary analysis of the destination ensures a secure process and avoids critical areas.

    How do we operate?

    Step 1

    You contact us – specifying the type and quantity of equipment being transported, as well as the type of data stored on the memory devices.

    Step 2

    We take over IT assets and place them in special cages or containers. They are then transferred to the cargo area, which you can monitor via our cameras.

    Step 3

    We transport entrusted storage media from point A to point B. In justified cases, the transport is supervised by security in a secondary vehicle.

    Step 4

    After the transport arrives at the destination, we break the seals together and hand over the resources to you.

    Step 5

    You receive a certificate confirming the transport, along with video footage of the entire route and GPS tracking data of the vehicle.

    Worried about entrusting your IT equipment to an unreliable carrier?



    Trust the professionals – SDR-IT will transport any device quickly and safely for you. Just provide us the location, and we’ll ensure everything arrives on time.

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