Data erasure by demagnetization, also known as degaussing, is a process used to completely erase data from magnetic storage devices such as hard drives, magnetic tapes, or floppy disks. Demagnetization involves exposing the storage medium to a strong magnetic field, which disrupts the data’s structure, rendering it irreversibly unrecoverable. This process is considered one of the most effective methods for permanently removing data, as even advanced data recovery techniques are unable to restore data from a demagnetized storage medium.

The ideal solution for your company

Banks and financial institutions

Secure financial data of clients and meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Governmental and military institutions

Ensure the highest level of resistance to information leaks.

Data center

Effectively manage large volumes of customer data.


Protect strategic business information and build trust among customers and partners.

ProDevice ASM240

We use the ProDevice ASM240 – Guarantee of Irreversible Data Erasure!

Are you wondering if we ensure complete security of your data? The ProDevice ASM240 is an innovative device that offers the highest level of protection through advanced demagnetization technology. Discover the new standard in data security with the ProDevice ASM240 demagnetizer!
Why do we use the ProDevice ASM240 for data demagnetization?

Software compliance

Demagnetyzer ProDevice ASM240 generuje ekstremalnie silne pole magnetyczne, które kompletnie dezorganizuje magnetyczne struktury nośników danych. To oznacza całkowite usunięcie informacji bez możliwości ich odzyskania.

Meets the highest security standards

The device complies with international standards and regulations for data protection, such as GDPR. With ProDevice ASM240, you can be assured that your company operates in accordance with legal requirements.

Speed and efficiency

The demagnetization process takes just a few seconds, enabling quick and efficient handling of large quantities of data storage media. The process will proceed faster than you think.


The ProDevice ASM240 is ideal for various types of media, including hard drives and magnetic tapes. Regardless of the media you use, ProDevice ensures effective demagnetization.

Protection against data breaches

Thanks to the demagnetization technology of ProDevice ASM240, your data is completely secure. You eliminate the risk of unauthorized recovery, protecting your company from potential threats.

Stages of Data Demagnetization Using ProDevice ASM240

1. Documentation

We document the demagnetization process for compliance with legal regulations and internal company procedures. Date, time, serial number, media type, and other relevant information about the process are recorded.

2. Preparation of Data Media

In the first stage, data media slated for demagnetization are identified. These may include HDDs, magnetic tapes, floppy disks, etc. The condition of the media is then checked to ensure they are physically sound and can be safely placed in the device.


3. Placement of Media in the Device

After preparing the media, the chamber of the ProDevice ASM240 device, specially designed for holding data media during demagnetization, is opened. The media is placed in the chamber according to manufacturer recommendations, ensuring it is correctly positioned and secured.


4. Initiating the Demagnetization Process

Next, the chamber is closed and prepared for operation. If specific settings need to be configured, adjustments are made on the control panel. The demagnetization process is initiated by pressing the start button on the device.

5. Demagnetization

During this stage, the ProDevice ASM240 generates a strong magnetic field up to 20,000 gauss, disrupting the magnetic structures of the data media. This process typically takes only a few seconds, but the exact time depends on the type and size of the data media.

6. Completion of the Process and Removal of Media

Upon completion, the device signals with an audible or visual cue. The chamber is then opened, and the demagnetized media is carefully removed to avoid damage to other media or oneself.

7. Disposal

After demagnetization, the media is rendered unusable and can be safely stored or disposed of through appropriate recycling procedures, in accordance with safety and environmental standards.

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